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Now it's easier than ever to adjust and maintain your 芝加哥水龙头 by using CF Connect! 想了解更多? Get your free brochure now! 有问题? Schedule to speak with an expert!

Effortless Water Management with CF Connect

Simplify faucet management with the touch of a finger. CF Connect offers easy, intelligent water management for 水龙头 with Bluetooth® low 能源 technology, allowing them to be adjusted and controlled with a smartphone or tablet. View the video to see the CF Connect features. 



The CF Connect app is currently available for our HyTronic®, HyTronic® for Patient Care 水龙头, E-Tronic 80®, E-Tronic 40® 水龙头! Facilities managers can select from use-based, 基于间隔, volume-based 卫生冲洗 mode to reduce water stagnation. Pipe flush mode is available for longer purges that support remediation efforts. 卫生冲洗 options include adjustable flushing duration, 冲洗体积, the interval between flushes.  

In the app’s settings, operation and hygiene flush modes can be saved, 命名为预设, used to transfer settings to other 水龙头 in a facility. Set the faucet's operating mode depending on location and usage: Normal Mode, 擦洗模式, 计量模式, 节水模式, Handwash模式, 体积模式, 及清洗方式.

With the CF Connect app, facilities managers can also organize and simplify maintenance, improving the tedious task of remembering or documenting which 水龙头 were flushed or need updates.  

√ Name 水龙头 to match location for easy individual or group identification.
√ Search for 水龙头 in range or select previously paired 水龙头.
√ Establish preset faucet settings to easily restore or transfer settings to multiple 水龙头.
√ Easily download usage logs.
√ Easy adjustments: hygiene flush, 检测距离, 加添倍, safety shut-off times, 和更多的!

Why Choose CF Connect?
CF Connect offers a wide range of operational modes and data-reporting to deliver time, 能源, 节水. Great for any commercial restroom.
  • Establish Preset Faucet Settings to Save Time
  • Improve Water Efficiency
  • 降低水费
  • Easily 下载 Usage Logs and Analytics
  • 简单的调整
    • 卫生冲洗
    • 检测距离
    • 不间断的时间
    • 安全关断时间
    • 服务模式



Now Available with the CF Connect App!

Get the CF Connect App!

The CF Connect App is available now in app stores. 运行诊断, 设置刷新时间, make adjustments to the faucet's settings, 和更多的 with the touch of a finger! 


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Now is the perfect time to switch from manual 水龙头 to touchless in your restrooms, EQ® makes it easy and affordable. 想知道更多吗?? Read our white paper on the importance of handwashing.

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